Our Committees

Our Committees


The elected officers of TVEDC include Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Legal Counsel, Volusia County Manager and Immediate Past Chair collectively representing the Executive Committee and Board members.

Executive Committee

A Government Investor or a Private Investor that invests at least Twenty-Five Thousand Dollars ($25,000), To exercise the authority of the board of directors in the management of the business of the organization assist with the preparation of the annual budget, development of a business plan, annual program of work and performance matrix.

Board of Directors

A Government Investor or a Private Investor that invests at least Ten Thousand Dollars ($10,000), but less than Twenty Five Thousand Dollars ($25,000), in TVEDC shall qualify to become a Board Member Investor for a term of twelve months.

By-Laws Committee

Responsible for the maintenance of TVEDC’s Bylaws, including without limitation interpreting the Bylaws, analyzing any requested or proposed amendments to the Bylaws, and proposing any amendments to the Bylaws.

Compensation Committee

The Compensation Committee shall evaluate the CEO's performance.

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee shall be responsible for nominating potential candidates for the slate of officers for presentation to the Board for selection.

Practitioners Council

The Practitioner’s Council comprises economic development professionals from government investors and other professionals with related experience. The group facilitates the exchange of information between members and TVEDC staff and provides educational opportunities regarding economic development programs.

Finance & Audit Committee

The Finance & Audit Committee shall monitor and evaluate TVEDC’s financial condition and oversee the adoption of TVEDC’s annual budget.

Real Estate Task Force

Select real estate professionals shall consider and advise Team Volusia staff and leadership regarding land price comparisons, identify existing marketable sites and buildings, possible creation of incentives targeted to real estate developers.